Friday, September 13, 2013

An evening of blueberry yogurt, mojitos, & C-4!

This upcoming Monday night on my Conservative Daily News-hosted Internet radio show "Their Finest Hour Radio", I'm going to have a 90-minute special roundtable panel broadcast celebrating the seven seasons and 111 episodes of the USA Network hit series Burn Notice!

UPDATE 9/14, 5:10PM: Here's the link to save for the show broadcast on Monday night, 10E/9C/8M/7P!!!!!

UPDATE 9/15, 10:15PM: Scroll down to the bottom of the post for IMPORTANT UPDATES on the show program!!!!!

That's right! A (nearly) politics-free show that will celebrate an awesome piece of current culture. I say "nearly" politics-free because there are undeniable libertarian themes to Burn Notice - corrupting influence of power, distrust of government, etc. - that we can't help but to discuss. But, as Andrew Breitbart understood best, and too few of conservatives and libertarians yet understand, we have to embrace and use the dominant culture rather than fight it.

I first started watching the show early in season 3, and quickly purchased the season 1 & 2 DVD sets to get caught up on the adventures of burned super-spy Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), his mom Madeline (Sharon Gless), girlfriend and ex-terrorist/guerilla/gun-runner Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar), best friend and ex-SEAL Sam Axe (Bruce Campbell), starting with season 4 fellow burned spy Jesse Porter (Coby Bell), and a whole host of awesome recurring characters and villains. Since then, the show was a fixture of my Thursday nights, or off the DVR not long after.

I've assembled a panel of great "Burners" for the show. First up is my friend Chris T. Rex (Twitter: @CrankyTRex) whom I've collaborated with on some productions of "The NOT Ed Morrissey Show" via when Ed is away. Chris and I have debated & discussed the show after just about every episode for the last two or three years.

Then, we've got two great ladies - yes, this action-based show has universal appeal - joining the panel, both of whom are new to Internet broadcasting: Amber Murray (@ambercelt) and Amy, who we all know on Twitter simply as @moderncomments!

The lineup isn't finalized, as I'm hoping for another participant, and who knows, maybe a surprise guest or two!

In any case, we'll be LIVE at 10pm Eastern Time on Monday, September 16! A link to the actual show page will be posted when it's available over the weekend.

And, as a special treat for Burners who love the program, would love to listen to us reminiscing and analyzing, but aren't fully up-to-date and are a season or two behind in watching, the first hour of the show will be kept as SPOILER-FREE as we can! Which means we'll limit ourselves to seasons 1 through 4 or partially into 5. We want everyone to enjoy, and if you're not a fan of the show, catch the first hour anyway and you'll learn why the four of us love it and will miss it terribly.

Talk to all you Burners and Burners-to-be Monday night!


9/15, 10:20PM ET: I'm pleased and honored to announce that we'll be joined early in the first hour of the program by a Burn Notice cast member! Actor Paul Tei (IMDB) appeared in no less than 15 episodes as recurring character "Barry Burkowski", a money launderer who often assisted the main "crew" in their well as winding up in trouble himself and needing assistance from the heroes. Thanks in advance to Mr. Tei for accepting an invitation to join in! Among other projects, he is the Artistic Director and President of the Mad Cat Theatre Company.

If you are not familiar with the show and are curious about the title of this post, those are the three favorite substances of the three principal characters: Michael, Sam, and Fiona respectively. :)

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